Continuing Education for Electricians.

Check out our very low prices.  We strive to be the best in customer satisfaction.  WA trainees please note you are required to do classroom courses for credit.  We would like to thank you and consider so many of you our friends.  Electricians are a great well grounded group and you light up our world!


Returning Online Customer?

We are not offering classroom or correspondence versions at this time after almost 3 decades.  Please consider our online versions.  They are basically the same format, less expensive, not timed, you can log in and out, and you can print them out like the correspondence format.

Online Continuing Education!

Current Electric Training offers online versions. Take an online course, or use the demo to try before you buy.  These versions are also comprised of multiple choice questions with photos and additional information.  Please note that trainees must do classroom format courses.

"Cost effective and it actually makes you think.  CET is always very friendly and helpful, and that makes the CEU process more pleasant.

- A. Funk

“I love the explanations and the comments included in the questions.  They are complete and comprehensive.”

- J. Schlund

“CET offers full support of their courses and is always very helpful.”

- M. Myers