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Washington Information (8 hours of code update and 4 hours of WAC update minimum of the 24 hours every 3 years minimum required.)

Washington Look Up a Contractor, Electrician, Plumber or Elevator Professional:

Renew WA License site:

WAC rules effective as of 04/01/24:

WAC rules effective as of 10/29/20

RCW’s Rules:

NEC Code Book:

Basic Classroom Instruction: Classes Required for Electrical Trainees:
Washington Providers for Available Trainee Courses:

Exam Information:

Washington Labor & Industries main phone line information:
(360) 902-5269
Fax:  (360) 902-5296
Plumbers: (360) 902-4666
Fax: (360) 902-5812

Alaska Information (8 hours of code update minimum every 2 years for Admin., 16 hours, 8 of which must be code update every 2 years for journeylevel.)

Alaska Department of Commerce/for Administrators:  (907) 465-8443  Fax:  (907) 465-2974

Alaska Mechanical Inspection Section/for Journeymen:  (907) 269-4925  Fax:  (907) 269-4932

Idaho Information (8 hours of code update minimum of the 24 hours required every 3 years. The other 16 can be code related or approved industry related credit.)

Idaho Division and Building Safety License Search:

Division and Building Safety main line information:  (208) 334-3950  Fax:  (208) 855-2165

Oregon Information (Most licenses require 8 hours minimum of code update and 4 hours of OAR state rules of the 24 required every 3 years.)

Oregon Building Codes Division License Search:

Renew Oregon Site:

Oregon Building Codes Division main line information:  (503) 373-1268  Fax: (503) 378-2322

Link to the 2023 Oregon State Rules

Link to the Table 1-E Oregon amendments to the 2023 NEC

Montana Information (16 hours minimum required every 2 years, at least 8 hours must be code update.)

Montana Licensee Lookup System:

Renew MT License site:

Montana Department of Labor & Industry Main Line Information:  (406) 841-2300  Fax:  (406) 841-2309

Miscellaneous Information

DEWALT Electrical Licensing Exam Guide: Based on the NEC 2020 (DEWALT Series):
Dewalt Exam Guide Tom Henry’s on-line book store: Resource for manuals: New and used books:

NEC Code Book: 509-488-0899